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Cuerpo Sano, Mente Sano Ch.7 TUTORIAL Spanish 1b

Cuerpo Sano, Mente Sano Ch.7 TUTORIAL Spanish 1b

Author: Jim Vaughn


Talk about your daily routine

  • Be able to explain your daily routine in Spanish in 3 parts (morning, afternoon, and nighttime).

Talk about staying fit and healthful

  • Reflect on your own lifestyle; are you truly living a VIDA SALUDABLE.
  • How do your habits stack up against those of teens in Spanish-speaking countries?


The materials created in this Unit 1 tutorial corespond with the text EXPRESATE level 1 textbook. The idea is to create a playlist of tutorials that provide a backbone that correspond with the grammar, Q&A, and vocabulary of the first section of this chapter. Culminating Assessment will include a project where the students share with us their routine.

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Video 2: El Cuerpo

Se toca el cuerpo. Pointing to different body parts in Spanish.

Source: Youtube

Video 1: El Cuerpo (MUSEO DEL ORO)

Video on Body Parts to accompany what we are learning about health. Based on artwork found at EL MUSEO DE ORO: Bogota, Colombia.

Personal Questions and Daily Routine

Watch this video, choose close-captions, to follow along closely (CC). Pay attention to how tú questions are formulated.

Hoja de Vocab.1

This vocabulary is laid out for your study. You may need to look up the daily objects and body parts vocabulary on your own. Your goal is 70% mastery by Friday.


Source: Vaughn Doc based on Expresate 1, Chapter 7 pp.234-235

In-Class Activities (Due by 1-17!)

These assignments are to be worked on alone or in groups of no more than 3. These are not to be done as homework unless you are out ill.


Flipped Video 1: Introduction to Reflexive Verbs.

Watch this video. Use the TAREAS DE LA SEMANA sheet to help you keep track of what you watch. Fill in the PARA JUEVES section for tomorrow.

Source: Youtube

WSQ- Whisk Sheet for VIDEO 2

Use this, or do a facsimile version in your notes, to help you chart your understanding of the video exactly below this. We will discuss on Monday.
Please view.


Video 2: Tonito Frito (Instructional) Reflexive Verbs

Reflexive verbs basics. Corresponds with grammar notes represented on page 238. Feel free to review page 238, as well. Ask questions in class if necessary. I am here to guide you.

Source: Youtube---Tonito Frito Channel

Video 3: Mi Rutina Cotidiana

Mira el video sobre la rutina del niño y como le gusta alistarse.

Extra Credit Video: Reflexive Verb Conjugation---Reflexive Video: Señor Bean Style

Watch this video. It is a hoot and really helps explain how reflexive verbs work. Sing some of the song for proof to me in class on an upcoming FRIDAY.

Source: Youtube

Vida Saludable---Una Canción Inspiraciónal

Song of unit 1: underscores some of the healthful vocabulary we are learning. It is catchy, too.

Source: Youtube

Authentic Resource 1: ¿Cómo llevar una vida sana?

Speaker talks in Spanish about how to live a healthful life.





Practice Resource. 7.1 Vocabulary Quizlet

Practice this Quizlet as you go; goal should be 70% accuracy or better.


7.1 Vocabulary