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Culture and Society

Culture and Society

Author: Paul Hannan

This lesson will define, discuss, and explain culture by distinguishing between material and non-material culture including the role of technology, society, culture shock.

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Introduction to Sociology

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  • Culture Shock

    Feeling confused, threatened, disoriented, or even angered by contact with an unfamiliar culture.

  • Technology

    Any useful tool or skill. Technology is more than just "high tech" computers and electronics, which are things that we commonly think of today when we hear the term. A simple hammer and nail was at one point a revolutionary technology. Looking at technology as any useful tool or skill introduces a historical component to the concept.

  • Material Culture

    The physical "artifacts" of our culture like our buildings, highways, food production systems, household objects, and technologies.

  • Non-Material Culture

    The elements of culture that are intangible; i.e. ideas, languages, customs, and beliefs.

  • Culture

    Learned sets of behaviors and ideas that are acquired by members of a society.

  • Society

    A group of people who live in a delineated space such as a nation and share common symbols, language, and culture.