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Curriculum Maps and Units of Study

Curriculum Maps and Units of Study


In this lesson, students examine the structure and elements of curriculum maps and units of study. In addition, students acquire the skills to develop a curriculum map and unit of study.

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Understanding Competency-Based Curriculum

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Curriculum Maps & Units of Study

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Notes on "Curriculum Maps & Units of Study"

(00:00-00:20) Intro

(00:21-00:36) Objectives

(00:37-04:32) Curriculum Maps Overview

(04:33-05:48) Unit of Study

(05:49-08:44) Sample Curriculum Map & Unit of Study

(08:45-09:21) Review & Reflection

Additional Resources

FCCSC: Curriclum Maps by Grade Level & Subject (Presentation)

To view this Franklin County Community Schools presentation on curriculum maps, click on the link to download the PowerPoint. In the presentation, Brewer and Howell explain what a curriculum map is used for and how to develop a curriculum map. Included in the presentation are an overview of each element in the map, the purpose of those elements, and how to write them.

​FCCSC: Curriculum Maps by Grade Level & Subject (Template)

To use this other recourse from Franklin County Community Schools, click on the second link for a curriculum map template. To view a completed map by subject area, scroll down to click on the link. The completed maps can serve as models as you draft your curriculum map.

How To Develop a Standards-Based Unit of Study

This Kentucky Department of Education site provides clear instructions on how to develop a standards-based unit of study. To access, click on the PDF to download. Beginning on page 10 is a unit of study template that you can refer to as you develop your own units of study.