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In this lesson, you will be introduced to Dr. Pruitt-Mentle's framework for digital citizenship and learn about cyber-safety.

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Digital Citizenship

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Cyber Safety

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Notes on "Cyber Safety"

(00:00-00:35) Intro

(00:36-01:00) Objectives

(01:01-02:37) The 3 Cs Framework

(02:38-03:23) What is Cyber Safety?

(03:24--04:32) What Should You Teach Your Students about Cyber Safety?

(04:33-04:57) Review

(04:58-05:45) Reflection

Additional Resources

How Cybersmart Are You?

This section of the Cybersmart website offers videos and games on cyber-saftey that teachers can use to teach their students about cyber-safety. These games can also be shared with parents to reinforce cyber-saftey at home. Cybersmart is a resource from the Commonwealth of Australia.


Cyber-Safety Top Ten Facts for Youth

This resource is a clear and concise cyber-safety fact sheet for teens from the Australian Police. Although it is from Australia, the same tips apply to students in the United States. The sheet is a useful tool for teachers to use as a reminder of the significance of cyber law and cyber-safety. A great activity might be to have students create a classroom fact sheet modeled on the Australian sheet that embeds local and federal rules and regulations.