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CyberSafety Tutorial

CyberSafety Tutorial

Author: Tammy Austin

Research suggests that personal web pages are not dangerous; the danger is how students portray themselves.  This lesson is designed to show students how their online behaviors can affect not only their life now but in the future.

This lesson will show how social media needs to be use intelligently in order to maintain the image teenagers want to present - now and during the rest of their lives. 

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Online Privacy - Or Not?

Short video about deciding how private your social media actually is.

Source: Uploaded by FriendlyScreens on February 24, 2011

Social Media Tips for Teens

Tips for using social media safely


Source: ConnectSafely - Smart Socializing Starts here -

Privacy Settings Worksheet

Please complete this while watching the video - use the margins to make notes about each idea


Source: Connect Safely is the website used for the basis of this sheet

Privacy Classroom Questions

These questions will be answered during collaborative group sessions during class - feel free to look at them prior to coming to class


Source: These questions are based on the Connect Safely website