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Author: Aleisha Olson

This lesson will explore Dada.

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This lesson discusses the ideology behind the artistic movement of Dada, and some examples of works from this movement.


Image of Ball, Karawane, Public Domain,

; Image of Arp, Collage Arranged According to the Laws of Chance, Fair Use According to Wikipaintings,; Image of Hoch, Cut with the Kitchen Knife Dada through the Last Weimer Beer-Belly Cultural Epoch in Germany, Public Domain,
; Image of Duchamp, Fountain, Public Domain,

Terms to Know

The technique of making art using three and two-dimensional objects in one composition.


A French word meaning "a pasting", it is artwork created by using the technique of layering unrelated scraps or fragments into a composition.


A 20th-century European avant-garde art movement characterized by performances and anti-war themes.


A technique used to create a composite photograph by cutting and pasting photographs to create on seamless photographic print.


To assemble unaltered found objects into a composition.