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Dan Laub bumper options

Dan Laub bumper options

Author: Kelly Nordstrom
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Instructions to get bumper


V4 w/three music options

V3 Chalkboard Writing, subtle pic intro, pen click removed

V2 11/17/15

V1 11/15/15

Zapsplat licensing information (I'm having a difficult time finding PD music).

License Info:

Attribution / Credit Required

Sound effects licensed via this standard license require attribution on the form of a link or credit. We are fairly flexible on how you do this, but we recommend something like:

Sound effects obtained from

Can’t or don’t want to attribute / credit us if you use these sounds?

If you can’t or don’t want to attribute or credit us when using sounds from this license, simply make a one-time small donation (you choose how much) and you’ll never have to again. In fact we automatically upgrade your account to a Gold account… this means you no longer have to credit us, you can also download the original WAV files for all sounds and the 10 second download delay is also removed. This upgrade lasts for life.

What you can use our free sound effects for:

  • You can use our sound effects in any non-commercial, commercial and
  • broadcast production, including….
  • Films, television and radio programmes
  • Commercials
  • Podcasts
  • Games and apps
  • Within software
  • YouTube videos
  • Blogs and websites
  • School projects
  • Presentations, conferences, exhibitions etc
  • Theatrical performances and live shows
  • Within physical products such as toys

Sound effects must be embedded into your production and not used as standalone sounds in isolation (in a sound effect app for example).

You may not use our sound effects for the following purposes under any


  • Our sound effects can not be used as raw material and edited or mixed with other sounds to form new sounds for sale or distribution.
  • Our sound effects must not be shared with any person.
  • Our sound effects must not be distributed in any form including on
  • other websites, on social networks, file sharing platforms, CD, DVD or
  • any other ROM.

Our sound effects can not be loaned, rented, sub-licensed or sold to

any third party. We retain the copyright to our sound effects at all times. Sound effects are licensed to you on a non-exclusive basis and subject to the terms detailed above.


The Licensee agrees to indemnify from any claims, law-suits, damages and any liabilities including reasonable expenses and legal fees incurred relating to any matter that may arise if this licence agreement is breached.