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Danielson Teacher Evaluation Model

Danielson Teacher Evaluation Model

Author: Ashley Sweatt

In this lesson, students will examine the background, purpose and domains of the Danielson Teacher Evaluation Framework.

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Teacher Evaluation and Assessment

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Notes on "Danielson Teacher Evaluation Model:


(00:00 - 00:09) Introduction

(00:10 - 00:26) What Will You Learn Today?

(00:27 - 01:36) How did the Danielson Teacher Evaluation Model Originate?

(01:37 - 02:11) What is the Purpose of the Model?

(02:12 - 04:49) What are the Features of the Danielson Teacher Evaluation Model?

(04:50 - 05:20) What Did You Learn Today?

(05:21 - 05:48) Reflection


Additional Resources

InTASC Model Core Free LumiBook (eBook)

This resource illustrates the core teaching standards and how to apply and use the standards to measure teacher effectiveness. These are the standards that the Danielson Teacher Evaluation Framework is built upon.

The Danielson Group: The Framework

This page provides the Danielson Teacher Evaluation Framework and accompanying resources and tools to download for individual use.

Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument

This document provides information about the New York Teacher Evaluation Model which is based on the Danielson Framework.

Recognizing Educators Advancing Chicago Students 

This page provides information about the Chicago Public Schools Evaluation Model, REACH, which is adapted from the Danielson Model.

Rhode Island Model Evaluation & Support System

This document provides information about the Rhode Island Teacher Evaluation Model which is adapted from the Danielson Model.