Darlin' Decimals

Darlin' Decimals


The student will write a decimal as a fraction.

The student will watch a tutorial on Educreations demonstrating how decimals are written as a fraction.  Then they will practice using a website online.  Finally, they will create their own visual example using an ipad app.

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Decimals Are Tiny

Sometimes we think decimals are confusing.  But it just means that it is "part" of a bigger number. So let's stand up for the little guy! Decimals are not daunting, they are darlin'...

Did you know that Decimals can also be written as FRACTIONS?

Watch this video and follow along by taking notes in your math journal.



Practice This

Here's a fun math game for you to practice this new skill:



Show What You Know

On your iPad, open the Virtual Manipulatives link


Write 3 decimals and use the app to demonstrate the decimals in visual form.  Include the decimal written as a fraction.

Take a screenshot and submit your work to www.dropittome.com/rickertc