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Author: ella quinse

A master node is a computer that combines transactions. Each member of the network can become the owner of the main node by filing a claim and depositing a 1000 DASH (approximately US $ 1 million at the current exchange rate) deposit. Such a large amount was not randomly selected: it ensures that no one can control more than 51% of the master nodes and that they can see all the data about transactional senders and receivers. However, such a significant "entry threshold" when creating a main node does not interrupt the participants. This is explained by the high profitability: 45% of the network revenue flows into payments to users whose devices confirm transactions for best ethereum cloud mining. The payout for each block of transfer records is 5 DASH, of which the owner of the main node dribbles 2.25 tokens. Because Dash generates nearly 500 blocks per day, it generates more than 1000 DASH per day. The next technical function of Dash is to change the system after a vote in the network community. This ensures the decentralization of the network: every Dash participant can propose his project and everyone else votes for or against it. The result of the discussion is the adoption of the decision that most Dash users favored. For each proposed change, the participant must pay 5 DASH tokens.

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