DAT 220 Data Mining Module Five Exercise 5

DAT 220 Data Mining Module Five Exercise 5

Author: willi padro


Data Mining
Module Five Exercise 5 Guidelines and Rubric
JMP (pronounced jump) is a powerful and interactive data visualization and statistical analysis tool. Use JMP to learn more about your data by performing analyses and interacting with the data using data tables, graphs, charts, and reports.
JMP is useful to the business analyst who wants to quickly uncover trends and patterns in data. With JMP, you do not have to be an expert in statistics to get information from your data.
Your Assignment
Using JMP, open the Companies data set (Help >>>Sample Data >>>See an Alphabetical List of all Sample Data).
Follow the instructions found in the JMP Learning Library guides to create a brief report containing the following:
Learning Library 05 – Simple Linear Regression
Simple linear regression graphs for # of Employees (x-column) vs. Sales (y-column) as wells as # of Employees (x-column) vs. Profit (y-column)
Learning Library 05 – Simple Logistic Regression
Simple logistic regression graphs for Type (x-column) and Profit (y-column) as well as Size of Company (x-column) and Profit (y-column)
Learning Library 07 – Clustering
Create a cluster dendrogram clustering profit as your y-column.
An explanation of the relationship between these variables and how the analyses informed you of those relationships.
Guidelines: Assignment must follow these formatting guidelines: double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and APA citations. Page length requirements: 1–2 pages.

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