Data Analytics I: Milestone Two

Data Analytics I: Milestone Two

Author: willi padro


Data Analytics I:
Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric
Overview: Milestone Two is centered on the goals of the data analysis plan.
For this milestone, you will refer to the scenario described in the Final Project Document. You will also refer to the three data sets that are available for your analysis. They can be found in the Airport Data file and are described in the Final Project Document.
Prompt: In analyzing the situation facing Austin Air, identify the company’s business objectives and discuss ways you can measure, on an ongoing basis, how Austin Air is doing in terms of reaching its goals.
In your response, address the following critical elements:
a.  What are the goals of your data plan? How do they align with the company’s overall business objectives?
b.  How will you measure progress toward these goals?
Guidelines for Submission: The paper must be one to two pages in length and must use double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and APA-style citations.
Worldwide, the airline industry is growing very quickly. Nigeria has the largest market of air travel in Africa, and this has attracted major players from all over the world. European airlines have dominated the Nigerian market for a long time for the following reasons:
- They have several strategies that exceed customers’ expectations.
- They have the financial resources, expertise, and reputation in the airline industry.
- They have the institutional processes to get constant feedback and comments daily from customers. These European airlines have won numerous local and international awards, and they are the world’s fastest growing airlines.
Scenario: A successful Nigerian billionaire, Sir Austin Emmanuel, is considering entry into the global aviation industry to expand his company, Austin Air. He is planning to introduce several marketing strategies that will exceed customers’ expectations, reduce cost, offer competitive ticket pricing, and capture a large chunk from the market share of the European carriers. He has hired you as a consultant to assist him in deciding locations, countries, airports, and flight routes.
Three data sets (on airports, airlines, and routes) are available for your analysis. They can be found in the Airport Data file and are described below.

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