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2 Tutorials that teach Data Binders and Portfolios
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Data Binders and Portfolios

Data Binders and Portfolios


In this lesson, you will learn about student-centered tools that help students self-assess and monitor their own progress in learning.

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Understanding Competency-Based Instruction

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Notes on "Data Binders and Portfolios"

(00:00-00:23) Intro

(00:24-00:34) Objectives

(00:35-03:06) Portfolios

(03:07-05:48) Data Binders

(05:49-06:42) Review & Reflection

Additional Resources

Montgomery County Public Schools: Quality Tools for the Classroom

Scroll down to click on templates for data tracking charts to use with the whole class or with individual students as part of their data binders.

Ms. Noonan: Making Students into Better Writers

This Teaching Channel video is a great example of the use of a portfolio to increase student ownership and achievement.