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Day 1:  Google Documents

Day 1: Google Documents

Author: Denise Leong

How to Create, Edit, and Share a Google Document.

Use these videos to teach yourself how to use Google Docs or to remind you when you forget :)



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This Tutorial Covers

1.  Creating and editing a Google Doc

2.  Sharing a document

3.  Adding comments

4.  Revision History

5.  Making a copy of a document

6.  Downloading & Uploading a document

8.  File Management

3.  Sharing a Folder with Tips and Tricks about Shared Folders

9.  Creating contact groups

1.) Creating and Editing a Google Doc

This video will show you how to

  • Log into Google Drive
  • Create a new document
  • Title the document
  • Save

2.) Sharing a Document

3.) Comments on a Google Doc

This 2012 video will show you how to

  • Make general comments to an entire document
  • Make specific comments to a section of a document
  • Reply to comments
  • Manage comments

Note:  Google has streamlined the Comments area, but this video will still give you a good idea how to use it in 2014.

4.) File Menu

There are three important menu items shown in this video:

  1. Revision History
  2. Download
  3. Make a Copy

5.) File Management

Watch this video to learn how to organize your files!




6.) Uploading Files from Your Computer

You can store almost anything in your Google Drive - Word, .pdf's, photos, and more!  Watch this video to learn how.

7.) Sharing a Folder (optional - for more advanced users)

Create your folder first. Go to Create > Folder

After you have created and shared a folder, any document placed inside will be shared. However, it is nice if you would File Menu >Email Collaborators to let them know you have done this; otherwise, they may never know there is a document there!

7a.) What NOT to Do with Shared Folders (optional - for more advanced users)

7b.) What You SHOULD Do with Shared Folders

8.) Creating Contact Groups