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Day 1 Introduction

Day 1 Introduction

Author: Jon McGurran
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Unit 1 Day 1 Notes


Our Approach

            -Gal 4:4-5

            -Starting point:

            -“Original illumination”

The light

            -St. Paul’s Conversion

                        -first fact presented to Paul

                        -Acts 9:20

                        -Gal 1:15-16

            -St. Peter example

                        -Matt 16:17

                        -Matt 11:25

            -Christology and the light

                        -Ps 36:9

                        -“Faith seeking understanding”

            -Role of Scripture

            -Jesus life event mirrors our questioning

                        -Luke 4:30 Hostile Crowd

                        -John 20:19 Easter evening

                        -Luke 24:32 Road to Emmaus

Why Christology?

            -Can we preach Jesus Christ today?

                        -Knowledge is needed

                        -Do we know Jesus?

                                    -Importance reflects on how we live our lives


                        -Is Jesus today the same as he was 2,000 years ago?

                        -St. Paul’s insistence on Christ

                                    -2 Cor 1:19; 4:5, Gal 3:1

                        -Is St. Paul already distorted?

                        -Is our model of Jesus today accurate?

                                    -Based on culture?

                                    -Freud: Religion is a projection of desire

                                    -Suspicion of Historical criticism

                        -“Do you know Jesus” is the foundation of theology


                        -Sense of actions of “Jesus”

                        -Sense of “Christ-like” people

                        -lived reality of Christ

                                    -prayer, liturgy, love of neighbor

                        -Sense of certainty in knowledge and effect of Jesus

            -Tension between two sides

                        -certainty of living historical faith

                        -How well do we know what that faith is based on?

            -Christology is the core of every Christian theology

                        -Christocentric (Christ centered)

                        -foundation of all theology, if doubts exist it shakes everything

                        -Intense historical arguments

                        -effects not only theology, but Christian life

                        -cannot be impersonal

                        -1 Cor 15:17-18

                        -Direct connection with doctrine and living

                        -These debates are still passionate today

            Purpose of Class is to answer the questions of Jesus

                        -Who is he?

                        -What did he want?

                        -What did he teach?