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Day 1: Vocabulary in Context

Day 1: Vocabulary in Context


You will understand and practice using context clues in a text to figure out what new words mean. Then, you can better understand what you are reading.

This tutorial lesson provides explanations and practice in using context clues to figure out word meanings to better understand a story or article. Many students who failed the Texas STAAR reading test answer questions incorrectly because they simply do not understand much of what they read.

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Context Clues Warm Up

DIRECTIONS: Read the short article attached. Watch for words in bold print. Try to figure out what they mean. Look for clues by reading how they are used in the sentence or in sentences nearby. Then answer the questions afterward.

Zimbabwe: A World Apart

Warm Up for Context Clues Day 1


Source: property of S Quellhorst

Answers/Explanations for Context Clues Warm Up

Read the PowerPoint from the web site or download it to hear the narrations and explanations for finding the word meanings using context clues.

Source: property of S Quellhorst

Show What You Know

Now that you know what the words in the article mean, you should be able to understand what you have read.

Take the reading quiz at the end of this tutorial.