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Day 5: Google Spreadsheet, Presentation, and Drawing
Getting to know Google Drive
Day 5:  Google Spreadsheet, Presentation, and Drawing

Day 5: Google Spreadsheet, Presentation, and Drawing

Author: Denise Leong

Learn how to use spreadsheet, presentation, and drawing.

More Google Docs.

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Google Spreadsheets, Presentation, and Drawing

This Tutorial Covers:

  1. Creating a Google Drawing
  2. Google Drawing Text & Arranging Objects
  3. Inserting a Drawing into a Google Doc
  4. Creating a Presentation
  5. Animation in a Presentation
  6. Adding a YouTube Video & Slide Show
  7. Spreadsheet Assignment
  8. Creating and Editing a Spreadsheet
  9. Simple Formulas
  10. Miscellaneous Spreadsheet Tips

1.) Creating a Google Drawing

Watch this video!

  • Then create a drawing with lines, shapes, and text.  Change all the blue to something else!

2.) Adding Text & Arranging Objects

Watch this video!

  • Then add text to shapes
  • Add a text box and change fonts, sizes, styles.
  • Arrange three objects so they are on top of each other in the order you want (play with Arrange Menu)
  • Share with me (view only).

3.) Inserting a Drawing into Google Docs

Watch this video!

  • Then insert the drawing you created into any Google Doc
  • Share with me (view only)

3a.) I Almost Forgot This Important Item!

Watch this video!

4.) Creating Presentations

If you know PowerPoint, you can probably figure this out without the videos. You can just do the assignment and the skip to Sophia #7. 

  1. Create a Presentation with a nice theme on any topic.
  2. Make 3 slides
  3. Have animations on each slide
  4. Add a YouTube video on one slide
  5. Share with me (view only)

5.) Creating a Google Presentation

Watch this video!

  • Then create a 3-slide Powerpoint on any topic.

6.) Animations in Google Presentations

Watch this video!

  • Then animate all of your slides.

6a.) Adding YouTube and Finally Presenting

Watch this video!

  • Then add a YouTube video
  • Run your show!
  • Share with me (view only)

8.) Creating a Spreadsheet

Watch this video!

  • Then go back to #7 and do steps 1-3.

9.) Creating & Copying Formulas in Spreadsheets

Watch this video!

  • Then got back to Sophia #7 and do 4-7.

10.) Miscellaneous Spreadsheet Tips

Watch this video!

  • Go back and finish the assignment in Sophia #7.