Day and Night

Day and Night

Author: Joanna Holdaway

Learning Targets

  • I understand that the earth spins on its own axis and circles the sun.
  • I know that the tilted axis is what causes the seasons. 
  • I understand why it's dark in one country and light in another at the same time.
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This short animation shows how the Earth remains tilted as it revolves around the Sun. This tilt is the cause of our seasons - when the Sun is shining directly down on the Northern Hemisphere (when Earth is to the left here) it's Summer everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter for everyone in the

Source: Youtube Brad Freeze

The Earth's tilt and the Seasons

A movie to explain the cause of the seasons. The Earth's axis is tilted in the same direction all year round and the way in which the sun's energy hits the Northern and Southern hemisphere's throughout a year, causes the seasons.

Source: ngflcymru's channel

Day and Night

A simplistic view of how parts of the Earth are exposed to the sun's light whilst others are left in darkness and how this changes within 24hours as it continues to spin on its axis.

Source: Planet Observer

Day and Night Quiz

Take the online quiz to see what you have understood and what we need to continue to work on.

Click on the link below.


Source: Proprofs Quiz Maker

Plenary: An interactive tool to summarise 'Day and Night' and the seasons.

Source: ictgames.com