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Days 3 & 4:  Google Sites

Days 3 & 4: Google Sites

Author: Denise Leong

Learn how to create a website using Google Sites.

Google Sites

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Googel Sites

This Tutorial Covers:

  1. How to Create a Site
  2. How to Edit Text and Insert Different Media
  3. How to Add a  Page
  4. The Types of Pages
  5. The More Menu
  6. How to Work with a Sidebar
  7. Managing the Site

1.) How to Create a Site

Watch this video!

  • Then create a site for practice.


2.) How to Edit and Insert

This will also how to insert images, You Tube videos, text boxes, and hyperlinks.

Watch this video!

  • Then practice all of these things on your website.


3.) How to Add a Page

Watch this video!

  • Then add text to your practice website.


4.) Types of Pages

a. Webpage
b. Announcement
c. Files
d. List

*Add one more Webpage, an Announcement page, and a File Cabinet page to your practice website.
*Add information on all of them. (Do not do the List page.)

5.) More Menu

6.) Editing the Sidebar

Watch this video!

  • Then add a text box and a countdown gadget on your sidebar.


7.) Managing the Site

Watch this video!

  • Then copy your site and change your theme to one of the nicer templates.


8.) Assignments

You have all next class April 26th to work on this.  Due Friday, May 3rd.

1.  Practice each skill from the videos as directed so you will have a practice website.  Share with me and give me editing rights.

2.  Create a 5 page website to include

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Hyperlinks
  • Announcements Page with at least 2 posts
  • File Cabinet Page with attachments, links, and folders
  • A subpage
  • A theme
  • A gadget in the navigation bar
  • Shared with the public or just Waupun
  • Editing rights for me
  • Subscribing yourself to site changes
  • Turning off comments on at least 2 pages