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Days, Months, Seasons Review

Days, Months, Seasons Review

Author: Maria Takacs

To practice the Spanish form for many calendar-related words.

To be able to use this words in context.

To be able to form sentences with the vocabulary.

This tutorial offers links to an external website that has games that are strictly for learning the vocabulary. 


It then offers a tutorial on how to use that vocabulary to form sentences.

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Review all the vocabulary from our Calendar, months, days, seasons section.   Use the flash cards first.  You can click the "Show answer first" to have the English word first.  Then you can play any of the games.  Don't forget to answer the quiz!


Remember you can access all the games directly from our website: or through our study stack

Scroll to the bottom and a video is now available explaining the plug-in sentences.


Don't forget to answer the google form!

Study Stacks Flashcards

Table Matching


Hungry Bug

By popular demand. Here is the caterpillar game.


Students requested I add hangman to our tutorial. Here it is!

Using Plug in Questions and Responses

Watch the video explaining the use of plug-in sentences.

Using plug-in sentences with our calendar themed vocabulary

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