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DBST 651FINAL PART IIName:Date:Question 1: (20 Points)Use the DBST651_final_Part2_q1.sql script attached to respondthe following SQL problems:Create SQL statements for the following scenarios. Your response should includeSQL statement, output and any other assumptions you have made to arrive at thesolution. Please provide a single SQL query for each problem.a. For Seattle, WA customers compute the average amount of their orders and thenumber of orders placed. The result should include the customer number, customer lastname, average order amount and the number of orders placed. Show results in theorder of average order amount from high to low.b. For Seattle, WA customers compute the number of unique products ordered. If aproduct is purchased on multiple orders, it should be counted only one time. The resultshould include customer number, customer last name and the number of uniqueproducts ordered. Show results in the order of customer’s last name.c. For each employee with a commission less than 0.05, compute the number of orderstaken and the average product total quantity per order. The results should include theemployee number, employee last name, number of orders taken and the averageproduct total quantity per order. Show results in the order of number of orders takenfrom low to high.d. For each Connex product compute the number of unique customers who ordered theproduct in Jan 2007. The results should include the product number, product name andthe number of unique customers. Show results in the order of product name.Question 2:Please provide answers to problems 1-10 in Chapter 7 of Coronel book page295-296. (10th edition page 282-284) (15 Points)Question 3: Please provide answers to problem 1a-1d in Chapter 10 of Coronel book page483. (10th edition page 464) (15 Points)

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