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Decimal Place Value Through Thousandths Place

Decimal Place Value Through Thousandths Place

Author: Tameka Crews

 Compose and decompose seven-digit numbers and decimals through thousandths in word, standard, and expanded forms.


Statement of Lesson Purpose:

TSW make a place –value chart and model to understand decimals through thousandths.

Introductory Activity:


The word "Decimal" really means "based on 10" (From Latin decima: a tenth part).


We sometimes say "decimal" when we mean anything to do with our numbering system, but a "Decimal Number" usually means there is a Decimal Point.

TTW write the vocabulary word: thousandths, compose, decompose, decimals, hundredth, and tenth, students can define the words, using their own words, and give an example of each in a graphic organizer. TTW have students complete a vocabulary chart for the vocabulary words for the week along with the definition. Decimal a number with one or more digits to the right of the decimal, tenth – one of ten equal parts, hundredth – one of one hundred equal parts, hundredths – one of one thousandths equal parts, equivalent decimals – decimals that name the same number or amount.

Read the following decimal number names and  write the corresponding decimal number. Example:

Twenty-three and thirteen hundredths                     (23.13)

Twenty-three and thirteen thousandths                   (23.013)


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