Author: Abby Kahara

This unit addresses Minnesota math standards,,,, and

This unit introduces 5th graders to the concept of decimals. It includes lessons on decimal place value, comparing decimals, adding and subtracting decimals, and rounding decimals.

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Decimal Place Value

This video introduces decimal place value and tricks to help remember position names.

Source: Abby Kahara

Understanding Decimals

This video uses base ten visuals to show how much decimals are worth when compared to a whole.

Source: Abby Kahara

Decimal Base Ten Representation

Source: people.usd.edu

Decimals On a Number Line

This video explains how to locate decimals on a number line.

Source: Abby Kahara

Rounding Numbers

The video is a review of rounding whole numbers and an introduction to rounding decimals.

Source: Abby Kahara