Author: Ryan Grant
  1. I can use decimal place value.
  2. I can change fractions with denominators of 10 or 100 to equivalent decimals.
  3. I can compare decimals to the hundredths place.
  4. I can sort decimals from least to greatest.
  5. I can plot decimal values on a number line.

The purpose of this tutorial is to help guide, instruct, and provide additional practice with decimals.  Within this tutorial you will find multiple 'Show Me' videos (step by step tutorial), practice problems, practice quizzes, and other helpful resources that deal with unit our objectives listed above.

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Decimal Unit

​The five objectives for the 'Decimal Unit' are listed below with tutorial video links for each:

  1. I can use decimal place value, using tenths and hundredths.

  2. I can change fractions to decimals (that have denominators of 10 or 100).

  3. I can compare decimals.

  4. I can sort decimals from least to greatest.

  5. I can plot decimal values on a number line.

Game Practice Websites

Practice Decimal Worksheets.

Feel free to contact me for answer keys or if you have questions.


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