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Decision Making: Information Procesing Model and Memory

Decision Making: Information Procesing Model and Memory

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The objective of this tutorial is to understand the basic concepts of the simple  Information Processing Model (IPM) and the role that the different memory systems play in decision making.

In simple terms the Information Processing Model (IPM) explains the process whereby we make sense of what is going around us and how we respond to it.  It is suggested that our brain works similar to a computer. Information is inputted, (input) processed (decision making) followed by a response. (Output) . Feedback is the process where we learn to adapt our response (output).

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An Introduction to the Information Processing Model (IPM)

Watch the following clip, making brief notes on the 4 stages of the information processing model

Please ignore reference to AS exam, some awarding bodies cover this topic in the L6

Information Processing and Memory

This clip reinforces the key concepts of the IPM and adds to your knowledge how the memory systems aid our decision making.

As you work through the video make notes on the 3 different memory systems and also how your memory can be improved to aid decision making.

To reinforce your learning also read 'The role of memory in sports performance' by Andy Wrathall  PE review Jan 2011

(avail. via Sharepoint - PE Review)

Improving memory to aid decision making in sport: Theory into Practice!

Work through this final video to gain an understanding of how we can improve our memory and also ensure our coaching is effective.  An exam question is more likely to be based around this topic area.

Extension: An alternative view of the Working Memory inc. a test

How good is your working memory, try this simple test

Where Next?

Please complete the Quiz on the right hand side of the page

Read pp. 121-126 in Edexcel A2 PE, also look at Wesson & Wiggins that covers the topic in some detail.

We will go over the key points in class and look at practical applications