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Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence

Author: carl brownlee

At the end of this lesson, students can describe the events which led to the creation of the Declaration of Independence.

Many colonists were still loyal to the King of England, after the war started

Thomas Paine was responsible for writing the pamphlet "Common Sense" and motivating the Patriots to continue in their efforts to break away from the British government.

Thomas Jefferson was responsible for writing the Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence has three parts

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Brief video surrounding Thomas Paine's influence on the patriot's cause to break away from the British government and the creation of the Declaration of the Independence (what each section is written about, who was not included in the Declaration when it was written)

Source: American Nation, Chpt. 7

8th Grade Social Studies WSQ form

WSQ form for students to fill out and complete, after watching video

The War for Independence Begins

PPT to describe the events which led to the creation of the Declaration of the Independence

Thomas Paine worksheet #1

Brief description about Thomas Paine


Source: edhelper