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Declaration of Independence: Pen vs. Sword

Declaration of Independence: Pen vs. Sword

Author: Tara Neely

Is the Pen mightier than the Sword? 

How did America win its Freedom? 

What Rhetorical Devices helped pave the way for our new nation? 

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A Study of the Declaration of Indpendence

As we begin our second piece of non-fiction in the Age of Reason, we see the fruits of the labors of Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere, John Adams and other Sons of Liberty come together in the document that announced to the world that  a new nation was about to be born. Think of the Declaration of Independence as an enormously important hall or late pass. It is the document that declares the colonies intentions and defines why the colonists were committing treason against the King. 

Many questions confront us; Why is this "hall pass" or "late note" needed on the world stage? Who wrote it? And finally, did the document or the war grant the colonists the freedom to be Americans? Which is mightier: the Pen or the Sword? 

Source: by Tara Neely

The Founding Father's Rap

This one is just for fun and to get the mental juices flowing...
Who are the "Rappers"?
Why are the lyrics brilliant?
Why select to have these founding fathers rap?
Why rap?
Why not put this to another musical genre?

Source: by jigjam

Too Late to Appologize

No less, fun or brilliant... but what about it makes the tone of this piece more serious than the JibJab video?

What are we seeing literally and figuratively in that we did not in the other?

Source: by soomo publishing

Declaration of Independence Viewing Activity

Before, during and following the viewing of the Actors Read the Declaration of Independence please complete the following handout.


Source: by Melissa Michlowski

NFL on FOX: Declaration of Independence

Athletes, actors and armed servicemen and women recite the Declaration of Independence.

Compare/Contrast Two Readings of the Declaration of Indpendence

After watching the two videos above consider the question, which is most compelling and why? Answer the question by completing one "Important Things" handout chronicling the 8 reasons your choice was more compelling than the other reading.


Source: a version of the AVID handout