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Deeper Learning

Deeper Learning

Author: Katie Hou

In this lesson students will connect constructivism and PBL to Deeper Learning

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Understanding Competency-Based Instruction

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Notes on “Deeper Learning”


(00:00-00:19) Introduction and Essential Questions

(00:20-00:44) Deeper Learning Defined

(00:45-01:12) Why Use Deeper Learning?

 (01:13-02:07) Connections Between Deeper Learning and Other Theories

 (02:08-03:15) Deeper Learning Schools

(03:16-04:19) Deeper Learning, Blended Learning, Constructivism, and Project Based Learning

(04:20-04:40) Reflection

(04:41-05:10) Conclusion

Additional Resources

Deeper Learning Network Fact Sheet

This is a downloadable fact sheet outlining the high schools in the deeper learning network and how deeper learning differs from traditional education. The fact sheet includes the what and why of deeper learning. In addition, it illustrates the ways in which schools in the deeper learning network have had an impact on teaching and learning.

Technology-Rich Learning Environments

This report by Jennifer Groff sets the stage for deeper learning and provides international insights into best practices. Included in the report are examples of technology rich schools and their practices. See page three for a useful graphic organizer describing technology-rich learning environments.

21st Century Learning Some Conclusions & Implications from an NRC Report

The National Research Council provides a clear overview of 21st century skills and deeper learning. See slides 15-20 for how to teach for transfer and deeper learning.