Definition of Translation and Three Basic Properties - 8.2 - Lesson 2

Definition of Translation and Three Basic Properties - 8.2 - Lesson 2

Author: Todd Parks

Student Outcomes

  • Students perform translations of figures along a specific vector.  Students label the image of the figure using appropriate notation.
  • Students learn that a translation maps lines to lines, rays to rays, segments to segments, and angles to angles.  Students learn that translations preserve lengths of segments and degrees of angles.

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What, Why, and How

Translation is one of three rigid motions that we are going to work with in our transformation unit.  (The other two rigid motions are reflection and rotation.)

Rigid motion means that the shape will not change size when a transformation is applied to it.  The points will stay the same distance apart from each other in the prime figure, as they did in the original figure.

A vector is a segment in the plane.  One of its two endpoints is designated as a starting point; while the other is simply called the endpoint.  

Vector is defined as displaying direction and magnitude* simultaneously.  (*Magnitude means size of the vector)

We will translate (slide) our given figures in the direction of the vector, as well as the length of the vector.  


IXL Assignment

The IXL.com online learning target that students are to complete in relation to this lesson is:

8th Grade - R.3 Translations: find the coordinates




Blank Lesson with Mr. Parks' STICKY NOTES HINTS

When you print out and attempt to do the blank lesson, download and click on the 'sticky note' hints that Mr. Parks' has placed on this pdf lesson. Hopefully you will gain insight, be more confident in your answers, and ultimately understand the concepts clearly.
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