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Author: Cinthia Johnson
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. Present vocabulary.

2. Write your vocabulary for sports as well as meanings.

3. Listen to the videos as many times you need.

4. Memorize vocabulary.

5. Practice at home.

Source: other people and myself

Tomar notas (take notes)

Tomar notas (take notes)


Take notes!


1. You need to take notes of all the vocabulary and their meanings as well as any  culture taught in the videos.

2. You can stop and rewind anything you need to as many times as you need to. Isn't that great?

3. Also make sure to write down any questions you might have during the videos.

4. Make sure you read the lesson objective and learning targets so you know what I expect from you.

4. Your goal is NOT trying to understand every single word spoken or written in the videos, so don't get frustrated.

Source: other people and myself

Los deportes vocabulary

Ask profe for vocab sheet ( deportes vocab 8th grade)

Source: Me



Source: internet

Los deportes flashcards

Source: quizlet

Vocabulary goals

You need to memorize every word learned.

Play zonlde

write sentences

talk about el futbol en latinoamerica

Show nike video

look for each famous jugador in the video (where they are from, for what time they play for)

Watch the video: a) review la ropa and colors b) talk about the video using the vocabulary learned make sure you use verbs and full sentence.

Review vocabulary: play google translator.

Read the sentences about the video

Teach: No me gusta.. ¿Qué no te gusta?, ¿Qué deporte no te gusta? ¿Qué deporte te gusta?

Teach: Ganar and Perder verbs, ¿Quién?

watch the video again and tell profe who likes to win or who does not like to lose.

¿Qué necesitan Cristiano para jugar futbol? Describe everything you see in full sentence

Spain game (culture)/ watch and take notes

Watch and take notes about the game. Write an essay about what you learned. ONE PAGE LONG.
Some ideas about what to write: Name of the game, origin, rules (if there any), where they play, which country (ies), Easy or hard to learn (explain), compare with other game, etc

Source: youtube

Jugar/ señor jordan

Source: youtube

Jugar 1 worksheet.

Ask profe

Source: me

Project Los deportes

Me llamo ______________________________________. 1B (Pair Project)


    Just a few weeks prior to “the accident” you were being scouted for a professional sports team. Yesterday the doctor told you that you would never play again.  Good thing your mother made sure you stayed in college all those years for business management! As a graduation gift, your Grandfather gave you $5,000. Now that you have all this money… you are planning to open a Sports Equipment  Store.


On your Sports Store Advertisement Flyer you must include… 


Name of your store with correct POSSESSION 


Graphics of 8 specialty sports goods that you are advertising 




Label each product (all 8) with a sentence which includes; (USE THE FORMULA BELOW)


_____  product name in SPANISH with el, la, los, las


_____  an adjective (color)


_____  with a price in SPANISH  for each product using EUROS using cuesta or cuestan ( cost)

                                    (1 euro = about US$1.22            US$1.00 is .85 euro)




The big helmet costs 45 euros. 


El casco grande cuesta cuarenta y cinco euros.



Make it colorful 


Use some catch phrases in your ad!

¡En Oferta!  - On Sale!
¡Precios Bajos!   - low prices!
¡Dos para el precio de uno! – 2 for 1


grande- big

bonito- pretty

barato- inexpensive

largo- long




Source: Mrs. Solis

Rubric Projecto

Ask profe for rubric: Sports store project modified rubric 

Source: Mrs. Solis