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Depreciation of NCAs

Depreciation of NCAs

Author: Jamshed Ali
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Appreciate how to Depreciate!!!!!!!!

A light video to introduce the topic.


Concept, SLM and RBM


New Terms

  • Depreciation
  • Accumulated Depreciation/Provision for Depreciation 
  • Cost of an NCA (Capital Expenditure)
  • Residual/Scrap/Salvage Value
  • Depreciable Cost
  • Net Book Value/Carrying Value
  • Straight Line Method
  • Reducing Balance Method
  • Revaluation Method
  • Disposal of NCAs
  • Trade-in/Exchange Allowance
  • Gain/Loss on Disposal

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All in one ppt on Depreciation

The slide show takes you one step at a time from the concept to calculations to detailed accounting for Depreciation of NCAs.

Revaluation Method of Depreciation (Class Assignment)

Ali started in business as an auto mechanic on Jan 1, 2012. At that he bought tools (screwdrivers, spanners, hammers etc) for $400 paid by cheque. During the year, tools worth $50 were worn out and thrown away and some tools were sold as scrap for $70. He also bought new tools during the year for $80 paid in cash. At the end of the year, he valued his tools at $250.


a) Calculate depreciation (using Revaluation method) for the year on tools;

b) Prepare tools account for the year ended 31 Dec 2012 showing clearly the deprecation (transfer to I/S) for the year. 

MCQ's on Depreciation

Past exam mcq's on the topic.



Structured Questions on Depreciation

Past exam questions on the topic.