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Depression and Stress among College and University Students

Depression and Stress among College and University Students

Author: hoyin hoyin

Depression and Stress among College and University Students

According to a recent WHO report, more than 300 million people today live with depression. This is a very serious problem that is now affecting even the university students. You might wonder, “what causes depression and anxiety among young people in college?” The list for the causes of this condition is endless as at now.

Overwhelming young scholars with assignments are among the causes of anxiety and depression. As a student, you can review some sites and choose the best website to do assignments for you, so you can relax. Most people with financial capabilities opt to seek assistance from some of the best assignment writing services online. It saves you stress and time.

Causes and Solutions of Anxiety, Depression, and Stress among Students

So many things happen in college that makes you realize who you are, thus triggering a lot of changes. This can take you by surprise, especially when you are new in college. In some cases, it causes stress, anxiety, and depression. Below are other leading causes of depression, anxiety, and stress among university students.

1. Academic stress

The pressure to succeed academically can drive you nuts. Most students believe that success in college means that you have better chances of a great career, which is not very far from the truth. Because of this pressure imposed, most students end up developing anxiety issues.

The best way to avoid this problem is to calm down and take life easy. Seek the best assignment writing help, especially online and save yourself the stress. Don’t allow your academic life to ruin your social life. Enjoy each moment you get and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Pamper yourself a little.

2. Social media bullying and trolls

Many college students use social media for all the wrong reasons, which include trolling and teasing others. This may, at times, lead to students developing low self-esteem and a poor body image. When it is too much, you end up withdrawing from people and falling right into depression.

As a young person in college, you must learn to develop tough skin towards online bullies and trolls on social media. Moreover, you can use social media platforms positively, like reviewing the best assignment writing sites, networking with people or marketing an online business.

Make the tough, mature choices.

3. Financial stress

The living expenses in universities are continually on the rise, and it’s quite tough to cope without money. With this, it is no surprise that students with money problems are likely to fall into depression while in school. Back in college, I once needed someone to write my assignment review but I didn’t have any money to pay for the service. I had no fare too.

Having experienced how it feels to be broke in college, I can confidently say that this is a very common cause of anxiety in schools. The best way to tackle it as a student is to get a part-time job to earn some supplementing money. This will help you even afford to hire the best assignment writers for your assignments, have some fun and relieve you of financial stress.

4. Loneliness

This mostly happens to new students who are fresh from high school. Creating a whole new circle of friends can be quite challenging for some people. As a student, you need to feed your social life. Get friends you can just hang out with or who you can rely on to help you even write your website review assignment.

These friends will also help you in your time of need. Accept that no man is an island.

Final Thoughts

Incidences of students taking their own lives in colleges and universities because of stress and depression are not new. For this reason, it is important to create a health awareness program for young people to help in making better decisions.

Let’s take action to cure depression among young people. Let’s actually stay alive while alive.

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