Designing A Dream Home

Designing A Dream Home


Design the floor plan of a house and calculate the area and flooring cost. 

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Designing A Dream Home- Unit 13 Outline:

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Component #1- Creating A Floor Plan:

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Component #2- Room Area:

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Component #3- Flooring Cost:

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Component #4: Backyard Design

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Backyard Design Resources:

Component #4A- Swimming Pool

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Component #4B- Gazebo

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Areas of Regular Polygons Resources:

1. Regents Prep: Area Formulas

2. Kahn Academy (Video): Area of a Regular Hexagon (Using Triangles)

3. Online Video Lesson: Area of Regular Polygons (Using Formula)

4. Math-Prof.com- Area of a Regular Pentagon (using Trigonometry)

4. Online Textbook (Video)- Using Trigonometry to Find Area of Regular Polygons

5. Math is Fun: Regular Polygons


Component #5- Cost Analysis:

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Component #6: Changing Dimensions

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Final Presentation:

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