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2 Tutorials that teach Designing Curriculum Using CBE
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Designing Curriculum Using CBE

Designing Curriculum Using CBE


In this lesson, students analyze how to use the 5 design principles of CBE on curriculum development.

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Understanding Competency-Based Curriculum

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Notes on "Designing Curriculum Using CBE"

(00:00-00:14) Intro

(00:15-00:21) Objectives

(00:22-01:17) iNacol’s 5 Components of CBE

(01:18-03:01) Design Principle 1

(03:02-04:37) Design Principle 2

(04:38-06:08) Design Principle 3

(06:09-07:28) Design Principle 4

(07:29-09:03) Design Principle 5

(09:04-09:30) Tips

(09:31-09:38) Review

(09:39-10:00) Reflection

Additional Resources

Developing A Competency Based Curriculum

This site includes training resources for West Virginia University's faculty on how to develop a competency based curriculum using a multi-stage process. Although this training is for the health sciences, it provides a clear model that can be generalized for any curriculum area.

Mastery Learning: How to use proficiencies in the classroom

This presentation is in the form of Cornell Two Column Notes and provides an overview of mastery and proficiency based learning. In addition, there are sample proficiency based questions and problems to help you develop a deeper understanding of using proficiencies in the classroom.