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Desoto ISD Present Tense -AR Verbs

Desoto ISD Present Tense -AR Verbs

Author: Joshlynn Ervin

To talk about daily activities.

To conjugate -Ar verbs.

Watch the attached videos and play the conjugation game. If you are still confused about conjugation, after class & after reviewing and playing, see me for tutoring ASAP!


Conjugate the (4) verbs mentioned in the Conjugation Video 1: How to...

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-Ar Verb Conjugation Video 1 - How to conjugate..

1. Watch the following video. Note: the author calls the verb chart a "verb house", which is a pretty cute and maybe memorable way to internalize the chart!
2. We do not have the guided note sheet she mentions, but I would like you to conjugate the 2 verbs she lists in your Notebook, Titled: Present tense verbs.
3. Also, take time to type a verb chart "house", for -ar verb endings, into your notes/apuntes.
Happy Viewing!

-Ar Verb Conjugation Video 2 - How to conjugate and practice w/ Sr. Jordan

1. Write and translate 15 sentences from this video.

1. Play the game and score AT LEAST to $32,000. You or your partner must "Screen Shot" your score for credit.