Desoto ISD Present Tense -er and -ir verbs

Desoto ISD Present Tense -er and -ir verbs

Author: Joshlynn Ervin

To learn how to conjugate (specify a subject and time frame) verbs ending in -er and -ir.

1) Take notes!

2) Take your time to actually WATCH the ENTIRE video and make notes in OneNote on your new set of verb endings. Note: The only difference between the endings for -er/-ir verbs can be seen in the NOSOTROS forms -emos/-imos.

2) Complete the related quiz (just for practice).

3) Draw and complete the worksheet and remember to make verb charts "houses", for -er/-ir endings, at the bottom of the worksheet.

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Conjugating Present Tense -Er/-Ir Regular Verbs

1. Watch the following video. Note: the author calls the verb chart a "verb house", which is a pretty cute and maybe memorable way to internalize the chart!
2. We do not have the guided note sheet she mentions, but I would like you to conjugate the 2 verbs she lists in your Notebook, Titled: Present tense verbs.
3. Also, take time to type a verb chart "house", for -er/-ir verb endings, into your notes/apuntes.

Happy Viewing!

-Er/-Ir Verb Chart

1. Copy this chart, complete, and submit for homework points on el lunes (13/1)
2. Create a verb "house" at the bottom of the sheet to help you with conjugation.
3. Remember, there is a "singular" and "plural" side to the chart "house".
4. Conjugate the given verbs based on the subjects listed in the left column. Be careful to write the entire stem before adding your endings and take your time determine which ending goes with each subject(s).

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