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Determining your Strategy

Determining your Strategy

Author: Rob Eubanks

Develop their own strategies

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[MUSIC PLAYING] Welcome to private practice. In this lesson, we'll be covering the following-- continuing your own plan, the strategic plan, alignment of values, vision, mission, and strategic plan. This lesson is a practical application of the information learned about strategic plans and the alignment of values, vision, mission, and plan. The materials needed for this lesson include some paper and pencils, markers or crayons, and once the exercises are complete, you may want to show your work to another trusted source for feedback.

You'll now have an opportunity to continue the creation of your own plan by working on the business strategies. These exercises will begin the process. And actual plans are an iterative process that take time, considerable thought, and research, as well as consultation from others, including peers, other counselors, business professionals, lawyers, and accountants, for example.

OK, so here's a simplified strategic plan definition. A strategic plan states how you'll achieve goals, meet consumer demand, and be competitive. Now, with a piece of blank paper and a pen, answer the following questions.

Why am I in business? What makes me unique? Who do I serve? What do I provide?

What will I not do? Why is this the best direction? How will success be measured? Difficult questions, I know, but let's see what you come up with. When you're done, create a set of short-term goals with start and stop dates.

OK, now collect all papers from all exercises, as we are going to review your values, vision statement, mission statement, and strategic plan. Now, pay particular attention to any changes or revisions that you've made. And now you're going to consolidate all items into one document and search for consistencies and inconsistencies in items by asking the following questions.

Do any of the items conflict with each other? How will I address items that conflict? How will I address prioritizing some items at the expense of others? Can I accomplish this amount of work in the time frame? How will I accommodate and plan for the unknown? Here's what we covered in this lesson-- first, continuing your own plan, next, the strategic plan, and last, alignment of values vision, mission, and strategic plan.



(00:00-00:42) Introduction

(00:43-01:11) Continuing you own plan

(01:12-02:03) The strategic Plan

(02:06-03:03) Strategic Plan

(03:04-03:25) Summary