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Develop a CBE Competency Based Curriculum Map

Develop a CBE Competency Based Curriculum Map


Students will learn how to develop a CBE unit plan incorporating UbD and CBE Design Principles.

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Understanding Competency-Based Curriculum

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Notes on "Develop a CBE Competency Based Curriculum Map"

(00:00-00:17) Intro

(00:18-00:36) Objectives

(00:37-00:57) UbD Stages of Design

(00:58-01:32) CBE Design Principles

(01:33-02:02) I Can Statements

(02:03-09:26) Curriculum Map Design

(09:27-10:00) Review & Reflection

Additional Resources

Curriculum Mapping Template

This is a template that can be used in your development of CBE curriculum maps.

Heidi Hayes Jacobs - What is Curriculum Mapping

This is a great introductory video about curriculum mapping by a thought leader in the field. Heidi Hayes Jacobs connects mapping to 21st century instruction. This is one video in a comprehensive video series.