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Develop a CBE Lesson

Develop a CBE Lesson


Students learn how to develop a CBE lesson from a UbD unit.

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Source: Digital Access Key Image; Morgue File; http://mrg.bz/xJqkIW

Notes on "Develop a CBE Lesson"

(00:00-00:27) Intro

(00:28-00:38) Objectives

(00:39-02:53) Develop a Lesson: Stage 1

(02:54-04:27) Develop a Lesson: Stage 2

(04:28-05:39) Develop a Lesson: Stage 3

(05:40-08:12) Lesson Design Tips

(08:13-08:51) Review & Reflection

Additional Resources

Jay McTighe & Associates: Downloads

On this webpage, Jay McTighe has a collection of downloadable resources, templates, and documents for educator use in developing and implementing UbD curriculum design.

Curriculum Mapping Template

To use this template, make a copy first. It outlines the UbD and CBE unit and lesson plan. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17HJFyGlxTahpwP8ZXEvXI18rV10DUVnbSe5ffF7EqUM/edit#gid=1039374024