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Developing Effective Teams Evaluation Survey and Certificate

Developing Effective Teams Evaluation Survey and Certificate

Author: Sophia Tutorial

Developing Effective Teams Evaluation Survey

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what's covered
In this lesson, you will learn more about the course evaluation survey and how to receive your certificate. Specifically, this lesson will cover:
  1. Evaluation Survey
  2. Certificate

1. Evaluation Survey

Now that you have finished the Developing Effective Teams course, please complete the course evaluation survey by clicking the following link.

Developing Effective Teams Evaluation Survey
Once you have submitted your survey, mark this tutorial as complete and return to the course dashboard. This survey will need to be submitted in order to receive your certificate of course completion.

2. Certificate

Additionally, you will receive your certificate and a badge upon successful completion of this course. At the top of the course Dashboard, there will be a button to “Get Your Badge”. This button will also be shown on your program Dashboard that lists all your nursing courses.

When you click on this “Get Your Badge” button, you will see:

  • A notification that you have earned a badge for completing the course
  • A button to "Accept Your Badge" by setting up an account on Acclaim

Once you have created a Credly account and claimed your badge, you will have the option to share the badge via social media (e.g., LinkedIn) if you wish to do so.

To get a completion certificate to use for applying for CEUs, you will:

  1. Open your Credly badge for this course.
  2. Click the "Share" button on the top right.
  3. Choose the print option by selecting the icon of the printer.
  4. Select "Download PDF" to download the certificate.
  5. Save the certificate on your local computer.
  6. You can provide this certificate to your professional organization to apply for CEUs.