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2 Tutorials that teach Developing instruction using Understanding by Design
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Developing instruction using Understanding by Design

Developing instruction using Understanding by Design

Author: Katie Hou

In this lesson, you will review the instructional planning framework of Understanding by Design.

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Notes on “Developing Instruction Using Understanding by Design”


(00:00-00:14) Introduction

(00:15-02:00) Understanding by Design Review

(02:01-03:16) Stage One Best Practices

(03:17-04:38) Stage Two Best Practices

(04:39-07:05) Stage Three Best Practices

(07:06-07:27) Reflection

(07:28-08:27 ) Conclusion 

Source: Digital Bloom's Pyramid by Katie Hou

Additional Resources

Differentiated Instruction, Understanding by Design and Universal Design for Learning: A stable planning approach

This wiki page includes suggestions for technology integration in instructional design and differentiation. The author suggests a model called The Stable Model that combines Differentiation, Universal Design, and Understanding by Design in instructional planning.,_Understanding_by_Design_and_Universal_Design_for_Learning:_A_stable_planning_approach

Project-Based Learning: A Resource for Instructors and Program Coordinators

This is a guidebook for project based learning that incorporates the tenets of Understanding by Design. Additionally, this guidebook offers practical resources and strategies for implementation. See page 12 for project design strategies.