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Developing Unit Objectives and Essential Questions

Developing Unit Objectives and Essential Questions

Author: Katie Hou

In this lesson, you will consider ways to plan for incorporating gaming in your classroom.

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Notes on “Developing Unit Objectives and Essential Questions”

(00:00-00:14) Introduction

(00:15-01:21) Exemplary Lesson Introduction

(01:22-02:50) Common Core State Standards and Major Understandings

(02:51-04:04) Essential Questions

(04:05-04:50) Unit Objectives

(04:51-06:05) Connections

(06:06-06:19) Reflection

(06:20-06:49) Conclusion

Additional Resources

Differentiated Instruction - Sites for Understanding Essential Questions

This is a concise handout for teachers on essential questions. In addition, links are provided for instructors to review essential learning questions that have been developed by other schools. This is a useful planning tool for UbD.

Developing the questions for project-based learning

This blog post by Melinda Kolk explains how to develop essential questions for Project Based Learning. Kolk provides simple steps for educators to follow as they design their projects and questions. In addition, she offers a link to see samples other districts have developed.