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Diary of Anne Frank

Diary of Anne Frank

Author: Tanya Fry

You will be creating a Fakebook page for Anne Frank using videos, images, and status updates.

In this students, students will be exploring the story of Anne Frank through videos, images, and excerpts from her diary. Students will then research the stories of other Holocaust survivors and then write a journal entry from the perspective of an imprisoned Jew during World War II. Students will create a blog using Blogger to write their journal entry.

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Student Instructions

Before coming to class:

  • Watch each of the following videos
  • Complete the quiz on the right

Diary of Anne Frank Intro

In Class

Once you have completed the quiz, click the images to visit the following websites:


While you browse these websites be sure to:

  • Tour the Secret Annex
  • Read the excerpts from Anne's Diary
  • View the virtual timeline of events

Explore any other parts of the two sites that interest you! 


Once you're done with the websites view the tutorial below on how to create a Fakebook page.

How to create a Fakebook page

Source: Fakebook

Fakebook Page Assignment

After the video you will create your own Fakebook page for Anne Frank during World War II. Your page must include:

  • 6-7 status updates from the perspective of Anne and in your own words (no quotes from the diary)
  • 3-4 images with captions
  • 1 video (could be Anne sharing news about the Holocaust)
  • Profile information and image
  • 3-4 friends

To create click the link:


Submission Form and WSQ

Homework: Blog Entry

Using your Blogger account, create a blog answering these questions:

  1. What stood out most to you about the story of Anne Frank?
  2. Why do you think Anne Frank is such an important face of the Holocaust?
  3. Reflect on Anne's optimism. How can we hold on to hope in the face of such adversity?