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Días involvidables Realidades III

Días involvidables Realidades III

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Los días inolvidables Realidades III

Overall view of Chapter 1A/B
Regular Preterite tense
Orthographical changes in the preterite i-y
Irregular forms of the preterite
Boot verbs in the preterite e-i, o-u
Regular and irregular imperfect tense
The uses of the imperfect in the past

Source: Pearson Prentice Hall Presentation Express 2009

Chapter 1 A primera vista part 1

Vocabulary on places,activities,animals and insects, weather,sports sports verbs,the body, accidents, reactions, competitions

Cap1-1 Recognition 2009 ppt

Full chapter 1-1 vocabulary with sentences

Source: unknown

El Cuerpo Chapter 1A Realidades III

The body

Source: unknown

Pg 19 AVSR-preterite Ir and ser- verbs that end in -car,-gar and zar.

Showing verbs that have orthographical changes at the end of the verbs in the yo form

Billy La Bufanda with Subtitles - Ser in the preterite

Clothing used with ser in the preterite

Source: Jim Woolridge

El sábado pasado caminé con mi perro hidago

A skit in the preterite staring a dog

Source: ProfaTprofaT

Preterite Rap song

Source: Produced by Jamnt

Pg 30 Preterite verbs that change from i-y in the 3° person singular and plural

Sometimes known as the "Basement boys".

Baby Got Preterite stem changers

Source: Youtube- student source

The irregular preterite page 31

Slide show that describes and models the irregular preterite found on page 31 in the Realidades III text book

Source: Mrs. Shirley's web site

02 Spanish Lesson Preterite Irregular Song!

Source: videos

P 33 Preterite Irregular Stem changers

Source: Mrs. Shirley's Spanish site

Preterite vs Imperfect Rap Video

Rap song to describe the differences between Preterite and the Imperfect.

Source: Sluciones productions