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Different Styles of mediation

Different Styles of mediation

Author: Julie Tietz

At the end of this tutorial, the learner will understand that mediation is one of many conflict resolution methods, with a number of variants

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  • Facilitative Mediation

    A style of mediation in which the mediator does not offer suggestions or opinions and guides the process towards an agreement between parties.

  • Transformative Mediation

    A style of mediation focused on changing the relationship between disputing parties, whether or not an agreement is reached or written.

  • Evaluate Mediation

    A style of mediation in which the mediator is allowed to offer suggestions or opinions for consideration or inclusion in an agreement.

  • Mediation-Arbitration

    A style of mediation in which the mediator has the authority to switch roles to that of an arbiter and decide an outcome if parties are unable to reach an agreement.