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Differentiating Instruction: Content

Differentiating Instruction: Content

Author: Katie Hou

In this lesson, you will learn about differentiating content for diverse learners.

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Differentiating Instruction:Content

Notes on “Differentiating Instruction: Content”


(00:00-00:16) Introduction

(00:17-01:05) DI Review

(01:06-02:02) Student Profiles

(02:03-03:46) Content Differentiation

(03:47-04:50) Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy Review

(04:51-07:16) More Information on Differentiating Content

(07:17-09:09) Technology and Differentiating Content

(09:10-09:30) Reflection

(09:31-09:55) Conclusion

Source: Content Pyramid by Katie Hou; Bloom’s Taxonomy by Xristina La,

Additional Resources

Using technology to differentiate by content

This is a wonderful resource for teachers; it includes videos from real classrooms that differentiate content using technology. Watch the five-part video series to see differentiation with technology in action.

Differentiating Instruction Using Technology 

This is a comprehensive wiki entry that includes strategies and resources for differentiating instruction and content using technology. Of particular interest are sample lesson plans and downloadable resources for use in your instruction.