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Differentiating Instruction: Process

Differentiating Instruction: Process

Author: Katie Hou

In this lesson, you will learn about differentiating the learning process for diverse learners.

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Differentiating Instruction:Process

Notes on “Differentiated Instruction: Process”


(00:00-00:15) Overview

(00:16-00:48) Differentiated Instruction Review

(00:49-02:01) Student Profiles

(02:02-03:07) Differentiating the Learning Process

(03:08-05:33) Ways to Differentiate the Learning Process

(05:34-06:27) Questions

(06:28-06:41) Reflection

(06:42-07:15) Conclusion

Additional Resources

Thinking about DI: Content, Process, and Product

This resource is an excellent and practical guide to differentiating content, process, and product. Additionally, the site provides resources for teachers on differentiating instruction for application in the classroom.

The IRIS Center: Jigsaw Activities

This website provides lessons with steps for teachers to differentiate process in instruction. This is a great how-to for teachers beginning to differentiate process in their classroom.