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Differentiating Instruction: Product

Differentiating Instruction: Product

Author: Katie Hou

In this lesson, you will learn about differentiating the learning products for diverse learners.

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Differentiating Instruction:Product

Notes on “Differentiating Instruction: Product”


(00:00-00:16) Introduction

(00:17-00:51) Differentiating Instruction Review

(00:52-01:53) Student Profiles

(01:54-03:35) Differentiating the Product

(03:36-05:54) Ways to Differentiate the Product

(05:55-06:30) Questions

(06:32-06:42) Reflection

(06:43-07:09) Conclusion

Additional Resources

The IRIS Center: Bloom's Taxonomy (original and revised)

This website provides lessons with steps for teachers to differentiate product in instruction. This is a great how-to for teachers beginning to differentiate product in their classroom.

Differentiate content, process, and product

Ashley Magee provides a clear and easy to follow explanation of how to differentiate for content, product, and process. In this entry, she focuses on gifted and talented students.,+process,+and+product