3 Tutorials that teach Differentiation via the flipped class
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Differentiation via the flipped class

Differentiation via the flipped class

Author: Todd Nesloney

In this tutorial, you will learn the three ways that a Flipped Classroom can be differentiated for your students: lesson delivery, learning activities, and assessment modalities. Our goals are to manage in-class time required to perform flipped activities and assessments. Understanding how the flipped classroom provides an environment for individualized learning and creating a lesson plan for the assessment that occurs in the classroom is the first step towards flipping your classroom.

Understand how the flipped classroom provides an environment for individualized learning

Create a lesson plan for the assessment that will be performed in the classroom

The assessment they create will directly reflect the learning objectives they created during the previous tutorial

Cover the different types of activities a teacher can use to assess their flipped lesson

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Differentiation via the Flipped Classroom

This video discusses what exactly differentiated teaching looks like and how the flipped classroom completely fits that model of teaching.

Source: Todd Nesloney via Camtasia for Mac

Resources at your disposal


Project-Based Learning is my favorite way of teaching my students.  Not only is it fun but it also develops a much deeper understanding of the concepts.  Below are some links that will get you started thinking about PBL.





Here are a few other informational links for you to look at as well:

Differentiated Instruction: http://www.readingrockets.org/article/263/

Group Based Learning: http://www.inform.nu/Articles/Vol13/ISJv13p073-086Cheong549.pdf

Project Based Learning: http://www.edutopia.org/project-learning-introduction

Differentiation via the Flipped Classroom

Slides to accompany the video lesson above.

Source: Todd Nesloney via Powerpoint for Mac

Coming Up!

- In the final video we discuss the different technology options that are at your disposal to making the best flip class video possible!

- At any point you can return to the Flip Class Pathway by clicking the link.