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Digital Access

Digital Access


In this lesson, you will learn about the 9 elements of digital citizenship. Specifically, the Digital Access element of digital citizenship, why Digital Access matters, and what Digital Access looks like

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Digital Citizenship

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Notes on "Digital Access"

(00:00-00:37) Intro

(00:38-01:09) Objectives

(01:10-03:37) Digital Citizenship Overview

(03:38-04:12) What is Digital Access?

(04:13-06:15) Why Digital Access Matters

(06:16-07:26) What Digital Access Looks Like

(07:27-08:07) Recap

(08:08-08:55) Review

Additional Resources

Super Digital Citizen

This video is directed at teachers of elementary students. It demonstrates an activity where students create superhero characters online who know how to act as digitally responsible citizens. This video illustrates how and why to teach digital citizenship at the elementary level.

How to Teach Digital Citizenship in Kindergarten

This resource provides a teacher-created lesson plan from the Ask A Teacher Blog to teach digital citizenship in a kindergarten classroom. The lesson plan offers specific instructions on how to implement this lesson. Included in this lesson plan are videos to help you conduct this lesson in your classroom.

Digital Citizenship (resource list)

This is a list of teacher-selected resources for teaching digital citizenship from the Ask a Teacher Blog. This website offers a significant number of resources to help teachers understand and teach students to be digital citizens. To use this resource efficiently select the topic that you are trying to understand or teach and focus on the links under that category. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will find the link for a complete K-8 digital citizenship comprehensive curriculum.